Key Facts

From whom am I buying my interest in the aprtment?


FD Express LLP, a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales.



What exactly am I buying?


Shares in Fractional First UK Ltd which provide the right of use of the apartment 26B in Tigne Point T10 Block, Sliema, Malta.


What is the nature and content of the rights?


Right to use the apartment for up to 13 weeks each year, such use to include the right to rent out the weeks or exchange them. An option to trigger a sales of all shares after ten years. Rights to attend and vote at an annual meeting and to receive the annual Report and Accounts.


When can I start to use the apartment?


Usage rights commence as soon as the Share Transfer Agreement has been signed and payment of the first instalment has been made.  Shareholders select the timing of their usage, which is allocated on a first come first served basis.  Allocations are opened for selection each year at the beginning of October for the subsequent year.


What will it cost me?

A consideration of €165,000 for the shares, and up to €7,000 per year in respect of levies for the first year of ownership, based on actual operating costs reduced by share of rentla income. 


When will I have to pay the instalments?


Unless you have selected FD Express financing, instalments are payable as follows:

First Instalment of €66,000 to be paid on commencement

Second Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 2 months after commencement

Third Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 4 months after commencement

Fourth Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 6 months after commencement

What other services can I receive (eg discounted hotel stays and flights)?


The property will be insured, maintained and managed by the property manager. Rental arrangements will be managed on behalf of the owner should they wish to rent out their usage rights at any time. Swaps for usage of other properties managed by FD Express will be arranged. Discounted tours and activities in Malta and its locale are also available.


Has FD Express signed a code/codes of conduct ?


FD Express has not signed a code of conduct. However the principles of its operations and conduct are publicised on its website at