The Tigné Point Project

This project is a luxury 2 bedroom seaview apartment in the exclusive Tigné PointMalta; which is now sold out.  Owners enjoy up to a 25% share of this fabulous apartment.  Please ask us about  rental opportunities , or if you are interested in buying  a share check in with us for availablility.

Fractional Development Express carefully selected this apartment as we believe that its location and views offer owners a luxurious and relaxing environment which can be enjoyed year round, whilst offering good opportunities for capital appreciation.

Tigné Point is approaching the end of its development and due to the protection offered by the historic fort location, there can be certainty that the views from the apartment are protected and will not be encroached upon by future development

The 148m2 property offers 2 en-suite bedrooms on the first floor of the T10 block, offering sea views and a lovely perspective of the harbour across Fort Tigné.  A dedicated parking place is included and the apartment comes with use of the stunning Tigné Point pool.

With a light and spacious feel, the apartment design exudes quality and comfort helping you make the most of your holiday experience.

This is a fabulous property. But you don't have to just take our word for it - see what our customers have been saying on Trip Advisor



The apartment is fully air-conditioned and offers all modern conveniences you would expect, including sophisticated multimedia entertainment systems with a wide screen LCD television and broadband connectivity to keep you in touch with the world or your business as you choose.

Air conditioning settings are controllable by room,offering full flexibility in your heating or cooling options.   A local telephone line is installed and you have a video enabled entry phone system to ensure that you have full control over access to the apartment in a fully secure environment.

Sunset over SliemaTigné Point is a distinctive blend of historic elegance with 21st century amenities.  Situated on the tip of Sliema peninsula, the development offers seafront views together with an idyllic panorama of Fort Tigné and across to the iconic Valetta skyline.

The vehicle free complex offers a state of the art shopping centre, choice of restaurants and a spectacular pool and clubhouse all with views across Marsamxett harbour, home to the annual regatta.   


Fort Tigné was built in 1782 to strengthen defence against sea borne attack for the peninsular.  It's impressive walls and bastions are wonderfully integrated into the development at Tigné Point, with extensive manicured and beautifully landscaped walkways around the fort and the shoreline. 



The extensive underground parking garage provides access to the shopping complex on three floors.  The Point offers a  broad range of shops, from fashion, bookstores, supermarket, restaurants cafe's and bars, as well as a Marks & Spencer food store and Debenhams.  There is really no need to leave the peninsular, should you so wish.  



The proximity of the sea can be fully enjoyed at Tigné Point. The Tigné North foreshore offers wonderful diving and swimming, while Tigné South has fair weather berthing facilities for boats and visiting yachts.



Valletta Panorama

View of Tigne Point from the Fort


A 25% co-ownership share in our Tigné Point development is available for only  €165,000.  This price is fully inclusive and comes with a no risk guarantee.

The price is inclusive of all taxes and duties but does not include the cost of local legal advice at the option of investors.

Payment Terms and Financing

Our payment terms are 40% down payment on signing with the balance payable within six months.

We are able to offer additional financing over up to 5 years at very competitive rates to qualified buyers.  If you are interested in obtaining financing for your investment in a Fractional Development Express property, contact us using the form or email us at 

Return on Investment

Average daily rental on apartments at Tigné Point is €205.  Assuming 60% occupancy, this could provide a gross rental yield of 5.9% on your investment. 

Management Levies

Management levies are set at 25% of operating costs (appr £7,000 pa), reduced by the share of rentalincome earned. a 1 week share. This enables us to offer you a hassle-free holiday experience and shared maintenance costs.

Your levy, if required,  is due from the month of signing.

The levy covers:

  • all insurance

  • all maintenance

  • estate levies

  • groundrent

  • furniture and fittings replacement fund

  • Tigné Point pool membership

  • water and electricity

  • cleaning services

  • auditors and financial reporting

  • cable tv

  • broadband internet

  • rental advertising

  • holiday exchange clubs membership

  • our management fee 

Potential for Investment Growth

Property appreciation is clearly something that Fractional Development Express cannot guarantee. As with all investments, prices can go down as well as up.  Government statistics of the development of apartment property prices in Malta over the past ten years show good historic appreciation, with a dip in 2008 due to the credit crunch, followed by a recent return to trend.  Apartment prices closely follow the national property average.

The developers of Tigné Point expect that appreciation in this exclusive development should exceed the general national average for apartments in Malta.

Tax Implications 

While we are unable to offer you detailed tax advice, we are able to let you know that Malta has a favourable tax structure, with no property taxes and low tax rates for foreign residents.   Tax rates as low as 15% are charged on income brought in to Malta by retirees who take up residence.  

There is however a capital gains tax on property transactions.  Investors who sell their share should take this into account.  Fractional Development Express is able to advise investors of the capital gains tax consequences in Malta, but unfortunately cannot offer specific advice pertaining to tax implications within investors home tax jurisdiction.


Malta offers a delightful mix of beautiful natural scenery, wonderful architecture reflecting the varied historical influences and international connections of the island, a warm and friendly english speaking people, a Mediterranean lifestyle and a climate that offers 300 days of sunshine a year.

Transportation links are excellent, with a number of low cost airlines flying in to Malta and the island is regularly visited by cruise liners.  Tourism is the major contributor to the Maltese economy. 

While if you are reading this you probably already know all about many of the attractions of Malta, we have listed out some of what we believe makes it such a wonderful place to visit and come back to time and time again:

  • wonderful landscape and countryside, never more than a few miles from the sea

  • fantastic climate, offering 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, with temperatures that rarely fall below 12c in winter - making for a year round destination

  • warm and friendly english-speaking population

  • cultural and historical attractions, with over 7,000 years of colourful history, evidenced in the architecture and wonderful museums

  • easily accessible, with a choice of low cost airlines

  • member of the European Union, Euro as currency

  • safe, as crime levels are particularly low in Malta

  • excellent for watersports, with unparalleled diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranan sea

  • wide choice of high quality restaurants, and delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables (we highly recommend the tomatoes and strawberries!) .



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From whom am I buying my interest in the aprtment?


FD Express LLP, a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales.



What exactly am I buying?


Shares in Fractional First UK Ltd which provide the right of use of the apartment 26B in Tigne Point T10 Block, Sliema, Malta.


What is the nature and content of the rights?


Right to use the apartment for up to 13 weeks each year, such use to include the right to rent out the weeks or exchange them. An option to trigger a sales of all shares after ten years. Rights to attend and vote at an annual meeting and to receive the annual Report and Accounts.


When can I start to use the apartment?


Usage rights commence as soon as the Share Transfer Agreement has been signed and payment of the first instalment has been made.  Shareholders select the timing of their usage, which is allocated on a first come first served basis.  Allocations are opened for selection each year at the beginning of October for the subsequent year.


What will it cost me?

A consideration of €165,000 for the shares, and up to €7,000 per year in respect of levies for the first year of ownership, based on actual operating costs reduced by share of rentla income. 


When will I have to pay the instalments?


Unless you have selected FD Express financing, instalments are payable as follows:

First Instalment of €66,000 to be paid on commencement

Second Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 2 months after commencement

Third Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 4 months after commencement

Fourth Instalment of €33,000 to be paid 6 months after commencement

What other services can I receive (eg discounted hotel stays and flights)?


The property will be insured, maintained and managed by the property manager. Rental arrangements will be managed on behalf of the owner should they wish to rent out their usage rights at any time. Swaps for usage of other properties managed by FD Express will be arranged. Discounted tours and activities in Malta and its locale are also available.


Has FD Express signed a code/codes of conduct ?


FD Express has not signed a code of conduct. However the principles of its operations and conduct are publicised on its website at