Why Malta?

Malta offers a delightful mix of beautiful natural scenery, wonderful architecture reflecting the varied historical influences and international connections of the island, a warm and friendly english speaking people, a Mediterranean lifestyle and a climate that offers 300 days of sunshine a year.

Transportation links are excellent, with a number of low cost airlines flying in to Malta and the island is regularly visited by cruise liners.  Tourism is the major contributor to the Maltese economy. 

While if you are reading this you probably already know all about many of the attractions of Malta, we have listed out some of what we believe makes it such a wonderful place to visit and come back to time and time again:

  • wonderful landscape and countryside, never more than a few miles from the sea

  • fantastic climate, offering 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, with temperatures that rarely fall below 12c in winter - making for a year round destination

  • warm and friendly english-speaking population

  • cultural and historical attractions, with over 7,000 years of colourful history, evidenced in the architecture and wonderful museums

  • easily accessible, with a choice of low cost airlines

  • member of the European Union, Euro as currency

  • safe, as crime levels are particularly low in Malta

  • excellent for watersports, with unparalleled diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranan sea

  • wide choice of high quality restaurants, and delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables (we highly recommend the tomatoes and strawberries!) .



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