Pricing and Financials

View of Camps Bay


2 week shares in our Cape Town Waterfront apartment are available from only  R450,000.  This price is fully inclusive of all taxes and duties but does not include the cost of local legal advice at the option of investors. 


Return on Investment


Average daily rental on these apartments in the V&A Waterfront is R2,500.  Assuming 60% occupancy on a 2 week share, this could provide a gross rental yield of over 7% on your investment. 


Management Levies


Management levies are set at R1,400 per month for a 2 week share.  This enables us to offer you a hassle-free holiday experience and shared maintenance costs.


Your levy is due from the month of signing.


The levy covers:


  • all insurance

  • all maintenance

  • estate levies

  • groundrent

  • furniture and fittings replacement fund

  • water and electricity

  • weekly cleaning services

  • auditors and financial reporting

  • satellite tv

  • broadband internet

  • rental advertising

  • holiday exchange clubs membership

  • our management fee 

Potential for Investment Growth


Property appreciation is clearly something that Fractional Development Express cannot guarantee. As with all investments, prices can go down as well as up. 

Tax Implications 


We are unable to offer you detailed tax advice.  Fractional Development Express is able to provide investors an overview of tax consequences in South Africa, but unfortunately cannot offer specific advice pertaining to tax implications within investors home tax jurisdiction.