Luxury Big 5 Game Lodge

Hunters Pride offers you a share in a luxury 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom Game Lodge in the heart of the Dinokeng Big 5 game reserve.  From only R87,500 (appr £4,000).Hunters Pride Wildlife Logo


Owners can enjoy a share in this luxurious,spacious Game Lodge of 350m2 located within a big 5 game reserve, just 40 minutes drive from Johannesburg International Airport, in a malaria free zone. 

This fully serviced lodge has 3 en-suite bedrooms and an open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen area, with large sliding doors opening up to the patio.  The private patio offers a covered outdoor dining area, a plunge pool and a barbeque and fire pit, ideal for sitting out in the evenings watching the sun go down and listening to the sounds of the passing wildlife.  The lodge and your private patio look out to the reserve beyond the game fence, so if you are lucky you may see lions passing by less than 70 metres away while you relax in the comfort of your private pool or while enjoying your evening barbeque. 

Hunters Pride game rangers will take you out into the reserve on guided game drives, so you can make the most of your time and learn about the local wildlife in perfect safety.

The flexible ownership arrangement means you can book your week when you want to use it.  You can also rent it out, which is managed on your behalf.


Prices from just R87,000 (appr £4,000). Contact for more details.

Hunters Pride Big 5 Lodge

This is exceptional value which will give you the benefits of:

  • Ultra luxurious fully serviced holiday homes of different sizes, at very affordable prices in a very secure environment
  • Located in the Dinokeng Game Reserve - the only game reserve within the Gauteng Province of South Africa that offers the Big 5 in their natural environment
  • Organised and guided game viewing
  • Located only 100km from Jonannesburg International Airport, 40km from Pretoria
  • Malaria free zone
  • Rental income, if you prefer to rent out your time
  • Many other tourist attractions in the local area including
    • Cullinan Diamond Mine


    • Historic Buildings


    • Golf Courses


    • Roodeplaat Dam for watersport activities





Hunters Pride is situated in the Dinokeng Game Reserve in pristine Malaria free bush veldt which is only 40 km north of Pretoria and 100 km from OR Tambo International Airport. The reserve includes Government and privately owned land and Gauteng Province has already funded more than R50m as direct investment for Game purchase, game compliant electrified fencing and R15m towards construction and completion of Entrance Gates.

Phase 1 of the reserve, in which Hunters Pride is situated, covers 18,500Ha and already boasts more than 6 000 head of game consisting of more than 20 species including lion and elephant. Negotiations are under way to incorporate further landowners, which will add another 20,000Ha to 30,000Ha to the existing 18,500Ha. Dinokeng is a tourist destination which includes the Dinokeng Game Reserve on the extreme Northern border of Gauteng Province as well as the Dinokeng Meander with the Cullinan Mine, historic buildings, golf courses, Roodeplaat Dam, curio shops, handicraft industries and many more tourist attractions.


Dinokeng Area Map


Hunters Pride Game Lodge


A flexible week share in the Hunters Pride Game Lodge is available from only  R87,500.  This price is fully inclusive of all taxes and duties but does not include the cost of local legal advice at the option of investors. 


Return on Investment


Average daily per person rental of the Game Lodge is R550  Assuming 60% occupancy  of an avaergae of 4 persons per night on a flexible week share, this could provide a gross rental yield of over 11% on your investment. 


Management Levies


Management levies are set at R7,200 per year for a weeks share.  This enables a hassle-free holiday experience and shared maintenance costs.


Your levy is due from the month of signing.


The levy covers:


  • all insurance

  • all maintenance

  • estate levies

  • groundrent

  • water and electricity

  • daily cleaning services

  • auditors and financial reporting

  • satellite tv

  • rental advertising

  • holiday exchange clubs membership

  • our management fee 

Potential for Investment Growth


Property appreciation is clearly something that Fractional Development Express cannot guarantee. As with all investments, prices can go down as well as up. 

Tax Implications 


We are unable to offer you detailed tax advice.  Fractional Development Express is able to provide investors an overview of tax consequences in South Africa, but unfortunately cannot offer specific advice pertaining to tax implications within investors home tax jurisdiction.

Identity,place of residence and legal status of the trader which will be party to the contract:
Clifton Dunes Investments 162 (Pty) Ltd , Reg No 2004/014751/07 , with registered address C/o Jan Erasmus Auditors, 356 Rosemary Street, Lynnwood, Gauteng, South Africa.
Description of the product:
Shares in Hunters Pride Share Block 140 Ltd, Reg No 2008/020590/06, representing 1/50 of the issued share capital, which provide the right of use of Unit 40 Hunters Pride Sectional Title Scheme.
Exact nature and content of the rights:
Right to use the lodge for 1 flexible week each year, such use to include the right to rent out the weeks or exchange them. Rights to attend and vote at an annual meeting, to receive dividends if any and to receive the annual Report and Accounts.
Exact period within which the right may be exercised and, if necessary, its duration:
The right of usage is defined in the Roster and the Use Agreement and comprises a flexible week annually in perpetuity. Flexible weeks must be booked in advance as per the Use Agreement.
Date on which the consumer may start to exercise the contractual rights:
Usage rights commence as soon as the Agreement of Sale has been signed and payment of the purchase price has been made.
Price to be paid by the consumer for acquiring the rights(s), including any recurring costs the consumer can expect to incur resulting from the right to obtain access to the accommodation, travel and any related products or services as specified:
A consideration of R87,500 for the shares, and R7,200 annually in advance in respect of levies for the first year of ownership. Thereafter levies will be determined by reference to current annual expenses at the annual general meeting.
Outline of additional obligatory costs imposed under the contract; type of costs and indication of amounts (eg annual membership fees):
R7,200 per annum in respect of levies for the first year of ownership. Thereafter levies will be determined by reference to current annual expenses at the annual general meeting.
A summary of key services available to the consumer (eg discounted hotel stays and flights):
The property will be insured, maintained and managed by the managing agent, who is appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
Has Clifton Dunes Investments 162 (Pty) Ltd signed a code/codes of conduct and, if yes, where can it/they be found:
Clifton Dunes Investments 162 (Pty) Ltd has applied to become a member of the Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa (VOASA), such membership is pending.